yasha manuel harari

Yasha, 2014

Yasha Harari is an entrepreneur with decades of experience, spanning a variety of business expertise, including political lobbying, publishing, SEO, arts, sales and marketing.

“There’s nothing you can’t do if you put your mind to it, and your energy into it.”  That’s quite a mistaken expression, because there are actually lots of things you can never achieve, and yet people say things like this to each other and to themselves to hang on a universal motivator: hope.

… maybe folks would be better to think differently, like this:

With the advent of sophisticated, modern communications technology, the things people really crave the most – namely, their simple, primal desires, are at hand. If only they would learn how to use the existing tools, which their fellow humans already invented. And what’s beyond that, well, there’s always invention.

This site is brought to you by Yasha Harari, who reminds you that to err is human, to totally screw up the world requires a computer, and to build newer, better things is the aim of any good, creative life. Even if they have names you don’t like.

To those of you that this speaks, remember to remember, and best of luck.

yasha harari on mic

Yasha in studio recording c. 2009

Update: April 21, 2014
This blog and its domain Harari.org recently won the top online media award from nerdydata.com
certifying that this site remains in the 99th percentile (the top 1%) of all websites, continuing a tradition started years ago.

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