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Business / Software:

* yashaharari.com My full service marketing agency
* contentandads.com
* filecorner.com
* xdose.com

Entertainment / Humor / Jokes / Music:

* jesterhood.com zie Heralds von Jesterhood’s Official website
* oyvey.co.il Oy Vey! humor that walks the fine line between kosher and tres treif funny jokes.
* laughzilla.com The monster of laughs
* thedailydose.com The Daily Dose – institution for humor online.
* thexdose.com
* vafangoogle.com Freely Search for the answers

Personal, Hobby:

* baloo.harari.org Memorial to a Saint … Bernard.
* harari.org The Harari family domain
* isreally.com
* yasha.harari.org This site, my blog, portfolio, etc.

Yasha Harari in the News:

* Yasha Harari on CBS 60 Minutes, Interview with Morley Safer
* Yasha Harari in c|net news – the computer network news
* School Sucks on the Cable News Network – CNN
* Yasha Harari on eComWatch by Office Futures
* Yasha Harari in USA Today, interviewed for article by Mary Beth Marklein
* Yasha Harari in Ha’Aretz – Israel’s Newspaper of Record, Interview with Daphna Berman
* Yasha Harari on Iconocast, Interview with Terril Yue Jones, Times Staff Writer
* Yasha Harari on 89.3 KPCC Radio, Interview with Larry Mantle
* Yasha Harari on NPR, via KQED Radio, San Francisco
* LA Times
* Yasha Harari in The New York Times, Interview with Laurie J. Flynn
* Yasha Harari in Silicon.com
* Yasha Harari in the Washington Business Review

Other People’s Pages About Me:

* IASTED Conference Notes
* KinnerNet – from the 2004 inaugural hi-tech visionary summit
* Pardess Chana – a 2004 visit
* Zoom Info > Yasha Harari


* “Damn! I Wish I’d Thought of That!” by Andy Sernovitz
* Ink Blot Mazes by Yonatan Frimer
* Jonathan Pollard – Official Website
* Team of Monkeys
* Tzfat Pad

Other Sites I Like:

* Google News
* Home Power – Alternative Energy DIY
* Medium
* Quora
* Science Daily
* WikiMedia Commons
* WikiPedia (English)

Clean Energy / Environment Sites: (currently on hiatus while humanity sits idly by and watches the polar ice shelves and icebergs break up and melt)

Cars, Boats, Travel & Leisure:

* Clean Energy Airplanes
* Clean Energy Automobiles
* Clean Energy Aviation
* Clean Energy Boats
* Clean Energy Yachts
* Clean Energy Travel
* Clean Energy Holidays
* Clean Energy Hotels

Home & Work:

* Clean Energy Houses
* Clean Energy Office

Business to Business { B2B }

* Clean Energy Connection
* Clean Energy Connections

Information / Education:

* Clean Energy Encyclopedia
* Clean Energy Forums
* Clean Energy Insider
* Clean Energy Politics

Personal Interests:

* Clean Energy Culture
* Clean Energy DIY
* Clean Energy Fashion
* Clean Energy Society


* Clean Energy Futures
* Clean Energy Money Market

Health & Science:

* Clean Energy Health
* Clean Energy Sciences


* Clean Energy Appliances
* Clean Energy Coupon
* Clean Energy Coupons
* Clean Energy Shops


* Clean Energy Clips
* Clean Energy Video

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