Commissioned Cartoons

Commissioned Cartoons by Yasha Harari

various editorial cartoons by yasha harari made on commissionBelow are some links to the commissioned cartoons I have produced commercially.

When it comes to commissioned cartoons, “All Rhodes lead to roam.”

These works are a combination of locally and remotely produced and delivered art.

Click on the links below to see the galleries on facebook.

Commissioned Works 008

Commissioned Works 007

Commissioned Works 006

Commissioned Works 005

Commissioned Works 004

Commissioned Works 003

Commissioned Works 002

Commissioned Works 001

If you would like to commission cartoons by Yasha Harari, be sure to use the contact form on our Contact page.

A note about commissioning art:  Within art, a commission is when one party hires and pays another for the creation of a work.

Throughout history, rulers, governments, public and private corporations, organizations, groups and individuals have commissioned art both publicly and privately as a means of exhibiting power and wealth, or even for more niche reasons, including propaganda, corporate communications, public relations, business relations, entertainment, or just plain fun.

Today, public artworks may be commissioned by benevolent benefactors wishing to gift works of art to a town or city as a donation to the public, for the public.

Privately, individuals, companies and groups often commission art work for private collections, or for communicating a message to a larger audience that might otherwise be unreached.

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