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Title: Editorial and Political Cartoons
Cartoonist: Yasha Harari, Resume
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Funny Stuff: 101 Cartoons from TheDailyDose.com, available on Amazon and Lulu.
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Press Release 2011 July 03 – New Cartoonist Illustrator Service for Media Publishers

Cartoon Illustrations enhance media such as your newspaper, newsletter, magazine, website, tv show, seminar presentation, training material and lots more.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Yasha.Harari.org (Press Release) – July 03, 2011 – Cartoon Illustrations of an editorial or political nature greatly enhance media market value in newspapers, newsletters, magazines, tv shows, web sites, seminar presentations, training materials and all other media outlets.A comic strip or cartoon illustration provides a simple way to explain a topical news story or enhance your ‘how to’ e-learning products. Cartoon illustrations also add zest to your digital content such as books, op-ed pages, ebooks, comics pages, social networks, community websites and blogs – helping break up the text with style – giving your audience a greatly improved consumer experience.If you are looking for a cartoon illustration to provide improve your projects then Cartoonist Yasha Harari provides a creative solution for all media businesses, large or small, and individuals that require cartoon illustration services for a very competitive fee.

Yasha Harari is a critically acclaimed cartoonist drawing since over thirty years and has been cartooning commercially since 1996. His cartoons are popular, suitable for general audiences, top-ranked in Google and are read every day by people all over the world, online and offline.

Clients have included Internet Marketers and International Service providers alike.

For more information and to browse a portfolio visit:

Contact Email : yashaharari@gmail.com
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editorial cartoon of young william shakespeare as a hotel employee helping guests

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