Hello world!

Hello. This may not end up a shmog.

yasha harari drawing in black and white

Yasha Harari – comic self portrait

What this is, is the very first posting on Yasha.Harari.org

Kinda pointless, isn’t it?

Where you go from here, well that’s up to you.

If you’re curious, check around. You might discover a secret that we haven’t publicized.

So far, on this site, we have published pages about the following topics:

Home / Shmog – The main index page of this website, which displays the most recent blog posting with links to other posts, pages, categories, search, etc.

About – information about this site

Books – books written, published by Yasha Harari

Cartoon Portfolio – The visual online portfolio of comic cartoon caricature editorial illustrations by Yasha Harari

Music – Music, music videos, written, performed, produced, published by Yasha Harari

Press Releases – Our media center – official communiques to news distribution outlets, and back channel discussions with the Lords of Information.

Web Sites – Other domains on the interweb either produced by Yasha Harari or covering Yasha Harari in their own site.

earthians or marslings cartoon

What would you say?

So for now, hello goodbye. See you later. Stay tuned.

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