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male lion big cat big roaring smile

The lion that roared

Cats are cute. Cats are popular. Cats are stars of countless funnies … so much so that cats have been enshrined in internet-speak as lolcats or #lolcats on social media networks.

Take the roaring lion, pictured here. Wouldn’t you just love to pet him and his lovely fur? Well, if maybe he wasn’t so inclined to taste you, or you had a lifetime of big cat handling experience on your side, then possibly you could try. Still, you love the lion. Pretty much everyone loves lions, except those who have been attacked by lions. And even some of those folks still love lions after being assaulted by the king of the jungle.  Whether it’s fear, love, respect, or some combination thereof, it’s a reality that stands the test of time … and more than the nine lives any one kitty has.

The cats laugh

Here are some interesting, funny cat clips you might like. By all means, share them with your friends. Meow miaow. And if you want more, checkout some more cute kitten and lolcats that’ll make you say “Aaawwwwwww.”

Credits: The videos and photos featured on this page were photographed, filmed, recorded, edited, produced and published by Yasha Harari. (Phew … with doing all that, who even has time to change the kitty litter box?!)

cute street cat dining scene

late lunch for feral felines


Pictured above, in the foreground, is Limpy the street cat with one lame leg. She hops and she walks and she runs around in her own limping way, with tireless effort.

And so it happened, that the cats and kittens on this page were independent non-union actors. They all traded their eternal rights to royalties in exchange for extra food treats, toys, extra attention, or other cat desires.

It is commonly believed that one reason cats are so popular is because they are great at keeping away rats, snakes, spiders, cockroaches and other less favoured creatures from the household. This, of course, is just one practical aspect of cat ownership. Another is that they are simply adorable, furry, friendly in their own way, rich with personality,