A few great WordPress Twenty Eleven theme edits

Psssst … wanna customize your WordPress Twenty Eleven theme a tiny bit?

The WordPress Twenty Eleven theme installed by default is great for starting a new site. Of course, you may have noticed that there are a couple of customization styles missing in it that almost seem like invitations to learn and understand how to customize your site. Personally, I think most people would prefer to have these features built-in. Meanwhile, we still have to concoct alternative solutions. So, here are some you may enjoy. I know I do.

For example, putting graphics in the menu bar, and adding the sidebar to every post and any page or pages that you want.

Well, here are a couple of pages where I found exactly how to do that, with the minimal amount of programming and effort required.

WARNING: Before you do any work to any existing site, make you sure backup your files and your database. You are responsible for your own site and any changes you make to it. You can’t blame anyone else for your errors. Not even your scapegoat.

1) How to add graphics to your WordPress Twenty Eleven theme menu bar:

Go to http://digitalraindrops.net/2011/08/twenty-eleven-social-icons-in-navigation/ for very clear instructions on how to do this.

2) How to add your Appearance > Widgets > Sidebar to all posts in your WordPress Twenty Eleven theme:

Go to http://surminski.eu/2011/07/06/add-sidebar-to-single-post-in-the-wordpress-3-2-twentyeleven-theme/ to add the sidebar to posts in your wordpress

3) How to add your Appearance > Widgets > Sidebar to all pages in your WordPress Twenty Eleven theme:

Go to the page editor and in the Page Attributes section of the page editor, go to the “Template” drop down menu and choose the “Sidebar Template” selection.