Not every post deserves its own pr campaign

Web Post – Know when to say nothing

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Publisher, edit thyself!

Sometimes you post a thought, just because you feel like it. That doesn’t necessarily justify creating a whole campaign to promote it.

This article briefly examines the value in limiting resource expenditures on lower quality content, and focusing more energy and resources on high quality content.

When it comes to posting online, Think Counter-intuitive

You might think, “Well, if I bothered to publish it, why not syndicate the heck out of it?”

The answer is, quality assurance.

Some posts are better off posted once, and that’s it.

If you post on a regular basis just for the purpose of keeping up a rhythm, that does not in itself qualify the effort as being promotions-worthy.

Keep in mind that whatever you publish is out there, and as an aggregated effect, time compounds the value of your published works, even if you did not exploit every last short term value you might have.

The downside in the short term is that might miss out on some potential revenue or other ROI. The upside is in the medium and longer term you will benefit from only promoting higher quality works that merit the dedication of increased resources.

Part of the fun of posting or publishing online, especially if you have a new blog or other website, is the ease.

However, if you publish for fun in an hour or less and then spend 5 or 6 more hours promoting the post online, you’ve just lost a whole day’s worth of work that you could have spent on more important tasks, like, creating high quality content that is worth promoting, or managing your administrative tasks.

On the other side, sometimes you just want to post something that you wish to have online. That does not mean it deserves to be publicized to every internet nook and cranny. Just post and forget, and be glad you can always retrieve it later, should you so choose.

So be sure to choose your contents carefully whenever you post, and especially when you decide on what to promote.

Maintain high quality content at all times, and you will undoubtedly see: There is great value in minimalism.

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