Headscarves and the Olympic Games

Headscarves and Olympic sports Ever wonder ’bout headscarves in athletics? At the 2012 London Summer Olympic Games, women athletes on various teams, including Saudi Arabia, were required by their country, to wear headscarves specially designed for their sports. The Saudi … Continue reading

The London 2012 Olympics ~ A personal foreward

The 2012 Olympics At the 2012 Olympics in just a few hours from the time of this article being published, the world watching the Summer games will heard the sentence that starts a frenzy of games, competitions, and events celebrating … Continue reading

Press Releases

Yasha Harari Press Releases Read the latest press releases from yasha.harari.org here, beneath the heading links. In The News  |  Yasha Harari’s Resume  | Email Yasha   |  The Daily Dose Title: Editorial and Political Cartoons Cartoonist: Yasha Harari, Resume … Continue reading