Not every post deserves its own pr campaign

Web Post – Know when to say nothing

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Publisher, edit thyself!

Sometimes you post a thought, just because you feel like it. That doesn’t necessarily justify creating a whole campaign to promote it.

This article briefly examines the value in limiting resource expenditures on lower quality content, and focusing more energy and resources on high quality content.

When it comes to posting online, Think Counter-intuitive

You might think, “Well, if I bothered to publish it, why not syndicate the heck out of it?”

The answer is, quality assurance.

Some posts are better off posted once, and that’s it.

If you post on a regular basis just for the purpose of keeping up a rhythm, that does not in itself qualify the effort as being promotions-worthy.

Keep in mind that whatever you publish is out there, and as an aggregated effect, time compounds the value of your published works, even if you did not exploit every last short term value you might have.

The downside in the short term is that might miss out on some potential revenue or other ROI. The upside is in the medium and longer term you will benefit from only promoting higher quality works that merit the dedication of increased resources.

Part of the fun of posting or publishing online, especially if you have a new blog or other website, is the ease.

However, if you publish for fun in an hour or less and then spend 5 or 6 more hours promoting the post online, you’ve just lost a whole day’s worth of work that you could have spent on more important tasks, like, creating high quality content that is worth promoting, or managing your administrative tasks.

On the other side, sometimes you just want to post something that you wish to have online. That does not mean it deserves to be publicized to every internet nook and cranny. Just post and forget, and be glad you can always retrieve it later, should you so choose.

So be sure to choose your contents carefully whenever you post, and especially when you decide on what to promote.

Maintain high quality content at all times, and you will undoubtedly see: There is great value in minimalism.

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Why Real-time Google Analytics is good for your web business

Real-Time Google Analytics Changes

Overview of Real-Time Google Analytics Changes

real-time GA graphicDo you use Real-Time Google Analytics or are you still using the older, static statistics view?

If you don’t know, then first you should know: Google has a free web traffic statistics tool called Google Analytics, or GA, which lets anyone with a website track a vast amount of data, from simple to highly detailed information. And you can view the analyzed data in static “archived” views, or even in real-time.

Well, after months of the real-time option being in beta, Google recently announced that it is moving entirely towards real-time statistics and analytics, down to the second, and they are moving away from static data reporting.

If you are one of the many website publishers who already use real-time analytics, then you are in a good position to remain competitive in the next wave of Internet development and online commerce

If on the other hand this poses a new challenge to you, then never fear. This post should help you prepare for the next new thing, which actually isn’t so next or new at all.

Here’s a quick review of the big features that GA is moving towards providing as the main ingredients of its Real-Time Analytics.

graphic for article about real-time google analytics

Enjoy your trip through Real-time 3D GA data

Real-Time Analytics lets you see all that is going on in your website as it happens. You see the effect of your online ad campaigns right away, including TV ads, or live event ads that engage users on your website.

Multi-Channel Funnels give you deep details on end to end conversion on a monthly view. You can see all the marketing channels where your website was found, and not just the most recent click. This lets you optimize your decision-making about your marketing expenditures and ROI.

Social Reports are helpful for measuring the effect of social marketing efforts and analyze the impact that social media on your traffic and conversion metrics, which is crucial to the majority of business online.

Mobile Reports let you see how visitors on mobile devices and through AdWords mobile advertising campaigning interact with your web site.  View the number of pages they visit, the length of time they are on your site, plus conversion and online commerce insights which help you properly develop and refine your mobile strategy.

Content Experiments let you display various versions of a page to separate visitors, and then it uses a new hi-tech statistics engine that calculates the results of the visits individually, to inform you which one is the most successful version. This is a form of what is known as “AB Testing”, and it lets you get the most out of each new page you create.

Of all of these, Content Experiments can be the single biggest driver of increasing your return of investment, if you would only take the time and make the effort to execute it properly. It is far better to produce half as many resulting pages with proven effectiveness rather than to produce twice as many pages full of ineffective effort and wasted resources.


Read more about the July 2012 Real-Time Google Analytics changes

Google’s announcement about moving to only Real-Time analytics

Google puts nail in the coffin for static analytics – real-time now the only option – Tech Crunch

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A few great WordPress Twenty Eleven theme edits

Psssst … wanna customize your WordPress Twenty Eleven theme a tiny bit?

The WordPress Twenty Eleven theme installed by default is great for starting a new site. Of course, you may have noticed that there are a couple of customization styles missing in it that almost seem like invitations to learn and understand how to customize your site. Personally, I think most people would prefer to have these features built-in. Meanwhile, we still have to concoct alternative solutions. So, here are some you may enjoy. I know I do.

For example, putting graphics in the menu bar, and adding the sidebar to every post and any page or pages that you want.

Well, here are a couple of pages where I found exactly how to do that, with the minimal amount of programming and effort required.

WARNING: Before you do any work to any existing site, make you sure backup your files and your database. You are responsible for your own site and any changes you make to it. You can’t blame anyone else for your errors. Not even your scapegoat.

1) How to add graphics to your WordPress Twenty Eleven theme menu bar:

Go to for very clear instructions on how to do this.

2) How to add your Appearance > Widgets > Sidebar to all posts in your WordPress Twenty Eleven theme:

Go to to add the sidebar to posts in your wordpress

3) How to add your Appearance > Widgets > Sidebar to all pages in your WordPress Twenty Eleven theme:

Go to the page editor and in the Page Attributes section of the page editor, go to the “Template” drop down menu and choose the “Sidebar Template” selection.

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Jon Lord, R.I.P.

fan portrait of jon lord deep purple keyboard player

Jon Lord R.I.P.

It has been reported that Deep Purple co-founder Jon Lord (9 June 1941 – 16 July 2012) passed away today, age 71.

Mr. Lord wrote many of the rock band’s greatest hits, including the fabled song “Smoke on the water”.

That song, as the story and the lyrics go, was written by Jon Lord after seeing the aftermath of a Frank Zappa show in a venue in Switzerland, across the lake from the hotel where Deep Purple where staying.

The venue was the location where DP where booked to play the next night, and the band was simultaneously trying to write the last song of their next album. That venue had burned down during the Zappa show, due to a fan in the crowd who set off a flare gun under a flammable roof, which caught and spread quickly.

The smoke on the water was literally the smoke seen rising above the ashes of the concert location in the morning, when the band was rehearsing, early in the day.

What the story makes me think of is the way that such random flare-ups can cause such massive creative success.

Mr. Lord will be missed by his family, his friends, and his fans.

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Funny cats and kitten videos

Some awesome cats

male lion big cat big roaring smile

The lion that roared

Cats are cute. Cats are popular. Cats are stars of countless funnies … so much so that cats have been enshrined in internet-speak as lolcats or #lolcats on social media networks.

Take the roaring lion, pictured here. Wouldn’t you just love to pet him and his lovely fur? Well, if maybe he wasn’t so inclined to taste you, or you had a lifetime of big cat handling experience on your side, then possibly you could try. Still, you love the lion. Pretty much everyone loves lions, except those who have been attacked by lions. And even some of those folks still love lions after being assaulted by the king of the jungle.  Whether it’s fear, love, respect, or some combination thereof, it’s a reality that stands the test of time … and more than the nine lives any one kitty has.

The cats laugh

Here are some interesting, funny cat clips you might like. By all means, share them with your friends. Meow miaow. And if you want more, checkout some more cute kitten and lolcats that’ll make you say “Aaawwwwwww.”

Credits: The videos and photos featured on this page were photographed, filmed, recorded, edited, produced and published by Yasha Harari. (Phew … with doing all that, who even has time to change the kitty litter box?!)

cute street cat dining scene

late lunch for feral felines


Pictured above, in the foreground, is Limpy the street cat with one lame leg. She hops and she walks and she runs around in her own limping way, with tireless effort.

And so it happened, that the cats and kittens on this page were independent non-union actors. They all traded their eternal rights to royalties in exchange for extra food treats, toys, extra attention, or other cat desires.

It is commonly believed that one reason cats are so popular is because they are great at keeping away rats, snakes, spiders, cockroaches and other less favoured creatures from the household. This, of course, is just one practical aspect of cat ownership. Another is that they are simply adorable, furry, friendly in their own way, rich with personality,

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